frequently asked questions

General asked questions about our company, products and how to partner up with us.

The company is founded and administrated by highly professional individuals with a demonstrated record in corporate law, finance, insurance, politics and marketing. The company’s executive management and headquarters are located in the capital of Norway, Oslo.

Garantihuset helps you launch IGW solutions in record time – with all the flexibility that you need. Send us an email at garanti@ghno.no, and one of our lead managers will be in contact.

Our partners are other businesses operating in the consumer market, brokers, governmental and public institutions, and other insurance companies and agencies.

Our insurances, guarantees and warranties are purchased from our partners or via a dedicated portal to a partner and their clients.

Our State of the art insurance technology allows any system to plug & play with our insurance interface and reducing the time to launch a new solution. We provide full 360-degree solutions for quotations, policy management, claims, renewals, campaigns, etc.

Registration application pending: We have applied for registration as an insurance intermediator at The Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority. Garantihuset will be registered as a fully operative insurance agency and intermediate within August 2021.

Garantihuset AS is not a member of FinAut. However, the management and the board are all licensed and authorized as insurance advisors. We are continuously evaluating this position.

Garantihuset searches for amicable solutions at the lowest possible level of conflict. In cases where the parties do not agree, we are willing to present our side of the case to the respective authority chosen by the consumer.

– Norwegian, Swedish or Danish Consumer Centres
– Financial Services Complaints Board (NO, SE, DK)
– Norwegian Courts

Oslo District Court is set as the legal venue.

Please contact garanti@ghno.no for a complete list.

Please contact garanti@ghno.no for a complete list.