Surety Bonds Guarantee

An intelligent alternative to tenancy deposit.

A surety bond supports and protects the contractual obligations you have entered into with a customer, supplier, or partner. It is a triangular contractual relationship between you, the surety bond company (us), and the third party that demands the bond. We financially guarantee to the party that you will comply with the terms set by the bond.

In the event of non-fulfillment of the specified obligations, we are there to provide compensation for loss and damage.

These financial solutions are flexible and can be used in retail projects and different trading sectors: construction bonds, bid bonds, tender bonds, contract bonds, advance bonds, retention bonds, maintenance bonds, subcontractor bonds, legal and legal obligations, custom bonds, EU bonds, tax bonds, pension bonds, etc.

How does a Surety Bond work?
1. Identification
You contact us and explain your need, linked to providing security in support of a contract.
2. Information

We ensure documentation is complete and make it the cornerstone of the relationship between all parties.

3. Risk Analysis

You provide complete information for review, and our team of underwriters shares insight and advice.

4. Bond Facility Set Up

We agree on the final surety  bond facility structure and ensure it is established quickly

5. Fulfilled obligation

If you fulfil your specified obligations, northing further happens and the bond will eventually expire.

6. In Case
of Claim

We will investigate the claim, determine if it is valid, and follow up with you on the next steps.

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